The Tree

Choose a tree, any tree in the forest. Now know, that something happens in that tree every day that you know nothing of.     <Zen Proverb> As I sit at my desk daily, watching the world pass me by from the window that is my opening into the world, there is one feature that... Continue Reading →

We Need You to sign the Guestbook

For a while now, I have been spinning tales and sharing stories that center around the Hotel that I have loved since I first saw it as a kid. The walls that now lie in crumbling, decaying disrepair house some of my fondest, and not so fond, memories. You have heard me recount, the magic... Continue Reading →

*Ned…author’s note

I wrote this story many many years ago in a much shorter form. And you're correct, this story didn't concern the hilltop house. And no, it isn't even true. This is my small contribution to the folklore of Harper's Ferry, and I hope in some way, to the folklore of Appalachia.

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