The Calm Before the Storm

The weather report says it's coming. There's snowfall predicted from anywhere from one inch to 8 inches. The stores are flooded with panicked people grabbing scads of bread, tankers of milk and enough toilet paper to prepare for the apocalypse. Driveway salt and snow shovels disappear as if they were spirited away by the cold... Continue Reading →


My morning started with a sky clad in it's confederate grey cloak. The humidity clung to me with sticky fingers as I walked up the street. The impending rain would most likely make the afternoon more unbearable. Rarely, at this time of year, does the rain cool anything off. Its this time of year that... Continue Reading →

The New Girl

The summer of 1982 wasn't a groundbreaking by any standards, golf tourneys, and tennis opens, a few shuttle launches and a the return of a Soyuz. But what was significant about July 1982, was that this was the time my mother, Carroll Easton, found her way "home." My mother had taken a job in downtown... Continue Reading →

The Romance Writers

Every spring at the Hilltop House there was a certain group that would book the entire hotel. All the ladies in Harpers Ferry loved this group, all the men would collectively groan and roll their eyes. It was the Washington D.C. Area Romance Writers Association. Now...before I go any further let me say this... Anyone... Continue Reading →

The late August Grass (a poem)

Trees were here The low scrubs too bamboo and kudzu filled the ground where never grass was found the ages claimed the years obscured the land hidden in the dirty woods the birds still fly and the crows still roost in the trees that grew too tall around us but the dirt and discarded trash... Continue Reading →

the late August grass

I've spent so many years at the hilltop house hotel that the days bleed together like a watercolor painting left in the rain. I've seen people come and go, faces pass in a blur. I have made so many friends and acquaintances that I can't recall all of their names. Of course I've made friendships ... Continue Reading →


"Hey James, can you go up to the old place and have a look around? The security guy called and said a door, or window, or something was open." The call came at 445 in the afternoon. I had just walked in the door from work, and the phone was ringing when I opened the... Continue Reading →

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