The Romance Writers

Every spring at the Hilltop House there was a certain group that would book the entire hotel. All the ladies in Harpers Ferry loved this group, all the men would collectively groan and roll their eyes. It was the Washington D.C. Area Romance Writers Association. Now...before I go any further let me say this... Anyone... Continue Reading →

The Busdriver

He looked exhausted. His shoulders were slumped, his shirt was rumpled and his blue striped neck tie was loosened and his eyes spoke volumes. He had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and his hands patted himself down looking for his lighter. The street light caught his salt and pepper, close-cropped hair and beard. "Here... Continue Reading →

Hoppin’ John and Hog Jowls

It was New Year's Eve, 1999 and everyone was abuzz with the nervous energy of the coming festivities and the looming shadow of the dreaded Y2K bug that the media had us all in a frenzy over. Everyone was worried about their "digital footprint" being erased, all their pertinent information being compromised and other such... Continue Reading →

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