Cracks in the Sidewalk

I walk my dog down the same sidewalk every day. A lot of my neighbors do. I've strolled down the same stretch of sidewalk since I was a child. I have never given the path trodden by countless feet a second thought. Until today. I was staring ahead, blankly at the dirty scar that ran... Continue Reading →

The Calm Before the Storm

The weather report says it's coming. There's snowfall predicted from anywhere from one inch to 8 inches. The stores are flooded with panicked people grabbing scads of bread, tankers of milk and enough toilet paper to prepare for the apocalypse. Driveway salt and snow shovels disappear as if they were spirited away by the cold... Continue Reading →

Dear Lisa…

January 1900 Dear Lisa... This morning I awoke in this grand hotel with the crisp mountain air bringing life to my unopened eyes. Yes, I know, I slept with the window open again. The sun broke the mountains and showered my room with light and warmth forcing me to arise from my bed. The train... Continue Reading →

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