We Need You to sign the Guestbook

cropped-499849118_f07f495fb4_z1.jpgFor a while now, I have been spinning tales and sharing stories that center around the Hotel that I have loved since I first saw it as a kid. The walls that now lie in crumbling, decaying disrepair house some of my fondest, and not so fond, memories. You have heard me recount, the magic of that old man from D.C., Mr. Klien. I’ve told of the horror that I encountered in “The Basement”; I’ve even shared the time I almost killed a merry band of Irish musicians and dancers. Hopefully you’ve read about Vickie Tilton, and you know the sad tale of Archie Teele and Jennie Greene. There’s still more I have to share, so many stories, so many notes left in the guest book.

But I need YOURS.

I know I am not the only one who has a story about the hotel to tell. There have been so many countless people who have graced the grounds with their presence, so many memories etched into the bedrock of the mountain side the hotel is perched on; and I want…no…need to tell those stories. And that, dear reader, is where you come in.

I want to hear them all; I want to hear the happiest of memories. Marriages, receptions, holidays, all of the reasons you smile when a certain time of year rolls around. I want the sad times, the funeral receptions, the wakes, the time you got drunk in the hotel  bar after your divorce was final; I want to hear all the reasons you cry when a certain song comes on. I want to hear the funniest ting that ever happened there; like the time uncle Charlie got a little loose and was singing “singing in the rain” swinging from the corner lamp-post.

I would love to hear them. I know some of you have memories you share with me in the hotel.

So write them down in an email, friends. Share a memory. It doesn’t take but a moment to preserve a precious memory forever.

email me at jim.clayton.author@gmail.com

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