January 20th, 1996. You've never seen a winter like this one. At least i had not. It grew cold, quickly and fiercely. The sky went from its cool winter grey to the fierce and angry color of cold iron. It started snowing that afternoon. the stores had long been devoid of any milk, bread... Continue Reading →

There’s something about #53

"Manny, we shouldn't be in here." the girl said as the crept through the darkness and dust. He grabbed her hand and could feel her shaking. It was chilly out, even for April, but it wasn't the cold that set her to trembling. "Becky, calm down. We slipped right past that security guard. He doesn't... Continue Reading →

We Need You to sign the Guestbook

For a while now, I have been spinning tales and sharing stories that center around the Hotel that I have loved since I first saw it as a kid. The walls that now lie in crumbling, decaying disrepair house some of my fondest, and not so fond, memories. You have heard me recount, the magic... Continue Reading →

The Romance Writers

Every spring at the Hilltop House there was a certain group that would book the entire hotel. All the ladies in Harpers Ferry loved this group, all the men would collectively groan and roll their eyes. It was the Washington D.C. Area Romance Writers Association. Now...before I go any further let me say this... Anyone... Continue Reading →

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