The long way home

I was headed home for spring break in 1994. Pittsburgh faded in the midnight glow of the tail lights as I drove down the PA turnpike. It would be good to leave the concrete and glass canyons of "the Burgh" for the green and wooded valleys of my native West Virginia. And I knew it... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Tale of Screaming Jenny

Jenny sat huddled next to the tiny coal stove that tried vainly to warm her shack. She pulled her threadbare shawl tighter around her shoulders and blew into her cupped hands. The chill of a dying winter clung to the dirty canvas and boards that made up the tiny shack she called home. Jenny's husband... Continue Reading →

The Shortest Ghost Story

"Come on, Grand Pa, tell us a ghost story PLEASE!" The kids gathered around the old man's feet begged. The fire-place crackled and popped as wood jumped into flame casting long shadows over the walls. "Alright, alright...but just one. and it has to be a short one." He smiled and eased his old bones into... Continue Reading →

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