Notes From the Guestbook

“Notes From the Guestbook” is written, and maintained by Jim Clayton. The stories are provided by the author, friends, former guests, employees and locals who have memories they want shared.

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  1. So here’s a memory…I stop by occasionally to view the beauty as it is now from only gazing at the rivers. In 1969 I first met the Hilltop. Having been raised in a dysfunctional fairly impoverished family in the D.C. Area my mom had no car but gave me a special farewell high school graduation present before I departed for college. We took the train from Union Station and stayed over night at the Hilltop. I did the usual things – toured the wax museum and walked through local historical museums and shops. Some years later I decided the beltway of life was no place to raise my children and we sought wild and wonderful- MD😀Through three widowhoods I do not cease to find beauty. I am just across the river in Pleasant Valley. This is one of my favorite local spots. I had many a brunch at the Hilltop in the ’90s with my then husband and once it went up for sale in the early 2000s I stopped by and recorded a video memory of my wonderful mom and our memory of staying on that second floor. Yesterday I looked at the hotel and cherished the memory of being there with her in finer days. Always find the beauty and your life will have been well lived.

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